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We're getting oooold.
April 17, 2009

Wow. It still works! Barely, but still. A CD-Recordable in my drive is making scary noises. My computer is having a hard time reading the contents. After a few minutes the progress indicator jumps to one-hundred percent. Copy completed. YESSS!!!

I found 2 CD-R's that I burned 10 years ago. They contain back-ups of various attempts to develop and publish my own game. First under the banner of "Broekhuis Arts", and since 1999 as "Empty House Entertainment".

Back in those days I had exactly zero percent programming knowledge. Most of my time was spent on experimenting. That already started in 1992, when I got my hands on a copy of Autodesk Animator. As time went by I used tools like Klik & Play, The Games Factory, and MultiMedia Fusion. My first programming experience started with simple batch scripts in DOS. I experimented with adventure engines, starting with AGAST, BOT, and ending up with SLUDGE. I got into Photoshop relatively late as I was too comfortable using PaintShop Pro, which I had been using since version 3.

It's no wonder I never released a completed game during all these years. I was jumping from one experiment to another, never satisfied with what I could do with the knowledge I had already acquired.

10 years of memories all on those 2 discs. I'm going to have a great weekend of reviving them!

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