N E W S   A R C H I V E S
Here we are again.
December 31, 2008

2008 was the year in which I switched to Apple, finally saying good-bye to Microsoft and its unpolished Vista operating system. It took a while to get adjusted, but I can say for 100% that I didn't regret it.

2008 was also the year of a nice assignment at work: Supporting a world-wide SAP implementation. Sometimes demanding, but always very interesting. 2008 might not have been the best year for Bad Timing and Empty House Entertainment in general, but do not worry: I have not abandoned you. I recently started working on some artwork again.

So, what about 2009? Well, let me just ignore the negative buzz about recessions and credit crunches and say that I'll try to update this site more often with news about our upcoming game.

See you in 2009!

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