N E W S   A R C H I V E S
Today is a good day to sweat
July 12, 2005

Oh man, the weather is finally showing that we're indeed living in the summer. Personally I have nothing against summer, except when I have to work on a game in a very warm and humid environment, such as my office.

You see, instead of air conditioning, my office is equipped with heat generating devices such as two big 21" CRT monitors, two workstations and an ever-blazing server. Not to mention the halogen lighting that's burning for almost 24 hours. Oh, and did I mention that my office is located on the top floor of the house? Generally known as the 'attic'?

It's summer. A season when I finally have a little time to spare to work on the game. And also a season when the sun finally shines in our generally rainy country. Oh, the irony. Yeah, these are sad days for an amateur game developer...

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